E-liquid, also known as smoke juice and e-juice, is a liquid used in all electronic smoking devices, that provides taste, and vapor, and that delivers nicotine when vaped. Coming in second place, with Halo’s Turkish e-liquid tobacco, is Tribeca flavored e-liquid. The sweet hints of caramel and vanilla, with only a little taste of tobacco and a descent throat hit help make Tribeca one of the top flavors of e-juice on the market. Which says a lot considering there are 23 flavors of e-liquid made, just by Halo.

Halo Tobacco Flavors
*Prime 15
*Torque 56
*Midnight Apple
*Captain Jack
*Tiki Juice
*Freedom Juice
*Southern Classic

Halo Menthol Flavors
*Menthol Ice
*Cool Mist
*Sub Zero
*Menthol X

Halo Gourmet Flavors
*Kringle’s Curse
*Belgian Cocoa
*Twisted Java
*Cafe Mocha

Halo cigs coupon codeTribeca has a very pleasant smell, much like sugar cookies, with only a mild tobacco like smell. It is golden light brown in color, and has more of a caramel smell than vanilla. With each inhale, you will get an explosion of rich flavor, and with each exhale, you will notice more of the greener, woodsy, tobacco flavor. The tobacco flavor adds just enough balance to the sweetness and other flavors to keep the sweetness form being too sugary. As with all Halo e-liquids, there is a “perfumey”, “powdery” after taste. If you do not like the perfume or powder after taste, you will not like Tribeca e-liquid.

With the Tribeca e-liquid, there is no steeping needed for great flavor, as it is steeped before it’s put into the bottle. Tribeca e-liquid has a decent throat hit with a tremendous vapor production. It vapes well at 6.5 to 7.6 watts on a nautilus BVC coil, or at 3.5 to 3.7 volts on a 1.8ohm atomizer. It also works great with Aspire BDC’s. The warmer you like your vape, the more e-liquid you can use at a time.

Tribeca e-liquid from Halo is suggested to new comers in the e-liquid industry due to it’s soft hit and great flavor. There are many reasons as to why Tribeca and all Halo e-liquids are suggested to new comers. The main reason being that it is 100% made in the United States.

E-liquid companies that are making e-liquids over seas have lost their integrity of making e-liquids. The way e-liquid is made over seas is greatly compromised, and there are no penalties for providing dangerous products to the public.

Halo e-liquids are one of the more expensive brands of e-liquids around, and one of the most popular and widely distributed brands around the world. They are well known on line and in supply and brick and mortar stores. The good news is that there are Halo cigs coupons online that allow you to get a discount on Halo E-Liquids. You can even smoke Tribeca if you do not want any tobacco and just like the flavor of Tribeca, or if you are cutting back on your tobacco intake by ordering Tribeca in omg, 6mg, 12mg, 18mg, or 24mg strengths of tobacco.

If you are a first timer, or just want great flavored e-liquids while being able to choose your tobacco intake, you must try Tribeca and other Halo e-liquids. They are made with high grade ingredients and are 100% made in the United States to ensure you are smoking the cleanest juice.